Exhaust-gas silencer

in a lot of heterogeneous variations
for internal-combustion engines

absorption silencers
combination of reflection and absorption silencers

Exhaust-gat silencers are build for a lot of heterogeneous applications
Are available in 4 silencing ratings.
Reductions of noise level approx. 15, 25, 35, 45 dB(A)
Silencer with greater efficiency on request.

Material: Carbon steel with an outer protective coat of paint.
Special execution available, made of corrosion resistant or heat resistant material.

Optional extras: Brackets in a lot of variations.

Other silencer variations are available:

EAK – combination silencer for catalyzers      
ER   – reflexion silencer
EAR – fire tube silencer for boiler plants
EF   – spar arrestor with silencer
EAL – intake-air silencer
A lot of different designs are available