The company ETB Energietechnik Bremen GmbH was founded in 1981. The object of the enterprise is the development, the production and the distribution of energy-technical and environmental-technical arrangements. The company ETB works with own manufacturing surface of 3350 m ² plus office rooms and social rooms. At the moment about 15 persons are occupied in the management and up to 65 persons in manufacturing.

The self-developed and made products are:

  • Patented particle filter systems of application in construction machines, forklifts, utility vehicles, as well as for stationary arrangements and ship arrangements, rail vehicles
  • Cleansing arrangements for air and gas
  • Exhaust gas heat exchanger and steam generator to the use of the exhaust gas warmth of engines, turbines and fuel cells
  • More chilly and More prewarmly for wooden gas, fermentation gas, dump gas and natural gas
  • Exhaust gas silencer and catalysts for internal combustion engines and gas turbines
  • Electric gas hit cerium for special applications

The company disposes of the following licensings with accordingly necessary specialist staff:

  • TÜV DIN EN ISO 3834-3 (DIN EN 729-3)
  • TÜV DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • TÜV TRB 200 / AD – Leaflet HP0
  • TÜV Suitability to the welding of rail vehicles DIN 15085-2