Diesel-Particle Filter (EER-EL)

for Diesel-engine and continous running DBP 42 30 667


EER-EL system
Continous regeneration with low constant backpressure.

With the ETB particle filter, type EER, observance of the existing particle limits is guaranteed.

The Main Facts:

  • Extraction of soot particles approx. 99%.
  • Continous running with fully automatic regeneration.
  • Safe and economic regeneration by controlled electro heating.
  • Adaptable to every diesel engine up to 5000 kW
  • Space-saving construction.
  • Replaces the exhaust silencer.

Function: Filtration takes place by means of several ceramic monoliths elastically mounted in a special steel housing. The partial exhaust gas streams are successively heated up to the burning temperature of diesel soot. So the particulates react to harmless substances, water vapour and carbon dioxide.