Diesel-Particle Filter (EWR/ECR)

with external regeneration for workshop vehicles and building machines

Diesel-Particle Filter (EWR/ECR)
Example: EWR 30

Diesel-engine exhaust gases are dangerous substances which have been proved clearly to cause cancer (see MAK-TRGS 500/900 and UVV-VBG 113).
With the ETB particle filter, type EWR, observance of the existing and the expected future particle limits is guaranteed.

The Main Facts:

  • Extraction of soot particles ca. 98 %.
  • Operating time about 8 to 10 hours.
  • Simple, rapid filter change (Quick-release couplings).
  • Suitable for shift working (easy-change filters).
  • Electronically controlled filter regeneration within 30 to 75 minutes.
  • Regeneration of several filters one after another.
  • Installation vertical or horizontal (swivel/portable).
  • Little space required, visibility not disturbed.
  • Replaces the exhaust silencer.
  • Filter with internal regeneration, see type ECR.