for stationary engines with electrical standstill regeneration.

Diesel-engine exhaust gases are dangerous substances which have been proved clearly to cause cancer

With the ETB particle filter, type ESR, observance of the existing and the expected future particle limits is guaranteed.

The Main Facts:

  • With the emmision at least the regulation 44. BImSchV is fulfilled
  • Continous operation with exhaust-gas temperatures
    • over approx. 360°C type Cx
    • over approx. 280°C type CWx
    • over approx. 200°C type CWx – HZ
  • Avaiable for emergency power systems with safety bypass
  • Data logging as standard
  • Space-saving design
  • Individual solutions
  • Replaces exhaust silencer depending on motor approx. 21 to 25 dB(A) insertion loss
Excample: type CWx-HZ with support heater for low engine load
Excample: type Cx with silencer and bypass